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"CoachWhizz explores the potential for your team. We strive to sustainably develop capabilities and increase resilience, with the ultimate goal of maintaining success."

We are very pleased to announce the ACTP accreditation of our 3D Coaching Academy’s
Professional Coach Certification program by the 
International Coaching Federation (ICF). ACTP or Accredited Coach Training Program designation by the ICF recognizes a comprehensive start to finish coach training.


Graduates of this program may apply for an individual ICF credential via the ACTP credential application path.




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Our Impact

Capacity Development

"We help organizations and individuals to develop competencies and professional learning opportunities to increase their ability to perform, create solutions and innovate for the rapidly changing future.”


Our coaching sessions assist to cultivate the environment where our clients can thrive with happiness, prosperity and a sense of meaning or purpose

Solution Based Approach

At CoachWhizz we use a proven model with individuals and groups to develop all stages of a design thinking process through strategic brainstorming sessions, discovering new ideas and testing the results.

Coaches Collective April 8th, 2020

An open discussion to learn more about the MENA region and how it may impact your coaching


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The coaching session with Tamer was very fruitful in the end, but was a bit challenging and painful moment for me at the beginning as Tamer kept asking me the questions which i had avoided to think for a long time. however, after the session, i realised it was important questions for me to step forward.



Project Coordinator at

International NGO