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Level 1 Training (ACSTH) ACC Outline

List of Modules/Classes

Module 1

Classes 1 - 4


Define : Setting a clear agenda with the client for the coaching conversation

Core Competencies:

A. Foundation

B. Co-Creating the Relationship


Class 1: Overview and Defining Coaching

Class 2: Fundamentals of Coaching

Class 3: Define

Class 4: Listening and Levels in Coaching

Module 2

Classes 5 - 10


Discover : Diving into the coaching conversation

Core Competencies:

B. Co-Creating the Relationship

C. Communicating Effectively


Class 5: Insight

Class 6: Coaching Presence

Class 7: Levels Of Listening

Class 8: Powerful Questions

Class 9: Limiting Beliefs

Class 10: Coaching Clinic – Mentoring

Module 3

Classes 11 - 14


Design : Wrapping up the coaching conversation with Design by taking the client's awareness into action

Core Competencies:

D. Cultivating Learning and Growth


Class 11: Taking Awareness into Action

Class 12: Goals and Time Management

Class 13: Coaching Clinic – Mentoring

Class 14: Planning and Developing Goals

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Graduates of this program may apply for an individual ICF credential via the ACSTH credential application path.