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Level 1 Education (ACC)

The Level 1 coaching education designation by the ICF recognizes comprehensive coach training from start to finish, which trains you to coach at the ACC credentialing level.

If you are thinking of starting out on your coach training journey, if you are already coaching but want to learn pure coaching skills aligned with the ICF Core competencies and ethical practices of a professional coach or if you want to add coaching skills to your existing skillset, Level 1 accredited training is for you!

Graduates of this program may apply for an individual ICF credential via the Level 1 credential application path.

General program vision and goals

Professional Coach Certification

This program is designed to facilitate the skills needed for professional coaching.​

Coaching skills, hands-on learning, mentoring and self-awareness are key components in this program to help a coach find within themselves what they need to best serve others.​

The goal of this program is to have students confidently coaching at the level of an ACC coach.

The goal of this program is to have students confidently coaching at the level of an ACC coach.

Module #1​

Module 1 : Classes 1 - 5


Core Competencies

Module #2

Module 2 : Classes 6 - 11


Core Competencies

Module #3

Module 3 : Classes 12 - 15


Core Competencies

Module #4
Transformation Leadership & Team-Coaching

Level 2 Education

Module #5
Business Development

Level 2 Education

Module #6
Deepening the Key Competencies

Level 2 Education

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Comprehensive understanding of the ICF Core Competencies . Aligning with the ICF Code of Ethics of a professional coach. Developing a strong foundation of coaching methodologies while encouraging each coach’s own unique coaching style.


The Level 1 training is recognized by the ICF as an accredited Level 1 training, consisting of 3 modules, including Weekly series of Micro-Learning Videos and 15 online live sessions with the frequency of one weekly session. Formulated intentionally for virtual delivery, the online classes  allow for interaction and collaborative learning, with an emphasis on mentoring, practice, and feedback.

The training consists of 36 hours of synchronous real-time interactions between faculty and students and 33 hours of asynchronous training of micro-learning videos, homework reading, writing, research, journaling, practice coaching and other activities.

The training includes a final oral exam and an online written knowledge test. In addition, 10 hours of mentoring, consisting of three one-on-one sessions with a mentor coach and seven hours of group sessions in class, are provided.

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Recognizing that similar to each client, each student is whole, capable and resourceful, this training focuses on authenticity and ability.

The way of being of the coach is a primary center of attention of this training, combined with learning the simple and functional 3D Model for the doing of coaching.

Utilizing micro-learning videos prior to the hands-on and interactive classroom sessions allows students to fully immerse themselves, leading to coaching dialogues that appreciate and draw upon the coach's expertise and experience.
Drawing on the current research on the science of coaching, this training explores possibilities for the development of a successful coaching practice and to build the capacity and techniques for those coaching internally within their organizations. Students will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to coach

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Dates and locations of when and where the program is to be delivered?

  • Next start date: Sunday – April 21st, 2024
  • Time: 11:0013:00 Eastern Time
  • Classes are for 2 hours per week, except Coaching Clinic Classes are 3 hours
  • Held live on ZOOM over 15 sessions
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How the program is delivered?

The program will be delivered in a Hybrid mixed of asynchronous micro-learning videos and synchronized time over the ZOOM platform

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Requirements students must meet to enter the program?

Proficient English, reliable internet access. A brief meeting with one of the Directors.

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Policies on withdrawals and refunds

  • Full refund minus administrative fee of $75 if canceled 2 weeks prior to the date of first class.
  • Before class #2 is attended, there will be a 50% refund of the course tuition.
  • After class #2 is attended, there will be no refund granted for the duration of the classes.
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Language(s) that are used in
program delivery?

English (more languages coming soon.)

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Intended participants?

This program is created for those interested in training to become a certified professional coach, based on the ICF Core Competencies and aligned with the ICF ethics of a professional coach
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Requirements to pass the 3D Coaching Academy Professional Coach Certification Program?

  • Successful completion of Final online written exam
  • Successful completion of Final oral exam
  • A minimum of 10 documented coaching sessions after commencement of the program


Level 1 Education

$4,200 USD
  • Classes 1 – 15 (3 Modules)
  • 69 Hours
    • 36 hours of synchronous Training
    • 33 hours asynchronous; Micro-learning videos, coaching practice, self-reflection journaling, homework and assignments
  • Online Written Exam
  • (3) One-on-one Mentoring Sessions
  • 7 hours In-Class Group Mentoring Sessions
  • Final Oral Exam
  • 10 logged Coaching Practice Hours


$150 USD
up to 3 payments/no intrest
USD 1,350$*3 Payments

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