3D Coaching Academy has been instrumental in providing me with the knowledge and skillset that is needed for a coach in his/her coaching journey, through learning, and implementing what I learned. The mentorship and practice coaching sessions provided in and by 3D Coaching Academy propelled me in furthering my journey with their feedforward that I had received. I loved how I left every class being grateful and appreciative of myself and others around me. One of the best aspects of 3D Coaching Academy was not only in how simple and logical their model was but also in how the facilitators held our hand at every step of the way, guiding us at every step of our journey whilst upholding the ICF Code of Ethics, which very much falls in line with my beliefs and values. I highly recommend getting trained at 3D Coaching Academy with their exceptionally skilled facilitators who accept you for who you are and guide you to be the coach that you want to be.
Fathima Zohara
Author, Life Coach
This program is a start to finish, comprehensive course for anyone who wishes to become a coach. Carol and Zaina are skilled teachers with a depth of knowledge about facilitating a coaching conversation for breakthrough and success for the client. Carol and Zaina have provided ongoing support to ensure the success of my business, long after launch day! I recommend this program without hesitation.
Rachelle Gibbs
Educator Coach
This program has enhanced not only my coaching skills and capacity but my insights into how to improve the quality of one’s personal interactions and relationships in the broader context. The level we were encouraged to expand curiosity, deepen reflection and listen openly expanded the opportunity for personal and professional development. What surprised me most was how relevant these skills applied in coaching translate into strong life skills that benefit the broader community and encourage tolerance and partnership.
Evelyn Murphy
LYN Coaching, LLC
The program is so rich and diverse. And so are the materials and content: coaching techniques, tools, communication, leadership, and soft skills. I was really amazed by how each and every single class was unique. It's a continuous learning process where the facilitators create a safe space, interact with the class and bring their knowledge, expertise, and human experience, alternating theory, practice, and a real value-added training program. Verily, the program helped me on both personal and professional levels to focus, to reflect, and to evolve within achieving my goals. I definitely recommend this program for people who are seeking growth, transformation, knowing self, and others, and who are looking for maximizing their personal and professional potential.
Central Bank of Morocco