Through CoachWhizz unique METHODOLOGY & TECHNOLOGY we take learning to the next level and create a democratized learning experience.

Participants partner in co-creating the lesson plan and delivery of each class and module.

Participants DEFINE

- The topics that they most want to discuss
- Areas of focus they want to explore
- The outcome they want to take away from the lesson

Feed-forward and self-reflection

Step 1

Co-create lesson
plan & engagement

Step 2

Interactive classroom experience

Participants partner with their peers and facilitator to discover the topics.

Participants DISCOVER

- Topics including all of their knowledge and expertise in the learning
- Developing their skills with hands-on activities and coaching
- Interacting with engagement tools in the virtual classroom

Participants have a post-class reflection on their learning, taking new awareness into action, sharing feed-forward about the learning experience, environment, and tools.

Participants DESIGN

- Their objectives are to help keep them moving forward in their growth
- Their self-reflective practice before and after each coaching session
- Feedforward about their learning experience to design the ultimate one


Step 3

Feed-forward and self-reflection

The Evolution of Learning

Institutionalized learning
Democratized learning
Traditional Pedagogy
Modern Pedagogy
Learning by Memorizing
Collaborative learning
Skills focused
One-size-fits-all learning
Individualized learning
In-person classroom
Online remote classroom
Customary Education
Technology-Enhanced Education
Results and grading based
Fixed study hours
Flexible study hours
Unidimensional Curriculum
Multidimensional Curriculum

We partner with our students to make this a tailor-made learning experience!

The lessons are inclusive of all students’ voices in lesson planning and the ways they are engaged in the training and learning process.

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