7 Steps to Choose the Right Coach Certification Program

So you want to become a life coach to build a career full of meaningful work, uplevel the lives of those around you, and make a difference in the world? Congratulations on choosing one of the most rewarding career paths a person can take.

While being driven and motivated to help transform lives is key, the other piece of the puzzle is finding a program to help you leverage your life experience and use your passion to drive change. The right coach certification program will teach you valuable coaching techniques, and communication tools, and enhance your soft skills to inspire lasting transformation in others.
Although anyone can technically call themselves a coach these days, choosing the right coach certification is what you need to start your career on the right foot. A reputable program will help you position yourself as an expert, earn trust, and as a result, gain more clients to propel your career forward. Most importantly, you’ll become a better coach with the confidence to help your ideal client — right from the get-go.

If you’ve decided to start your life coaching career, here’s our advice on choosing the right coach certification program. Let’s dive in!

1. Start by Looking at ICF-Approved Institutes

The truth is, there are endless amounts of coaching programs available online these days. But how many of them are qualified to teach you the skills needed to transform lives? That’s why there’s nothing more important than investing in coach-specific training from a credible institute.

We recommend starting by looking at programs with ICF accredited training. If the coaching program isn’t approved by the ICF, it’s hard to know the quality of the material you’ll be learning. The ICF is the international gold standard for coaches around the globe for a reason — they have a high standard for their curriculum and for the number of hours that coaches need to acquire hands-on.

In the end, becoming an ICF associate certified coach shows your mastery of coaching skills and is a promise of commitment to your clients. That’s how you establish yourself and build a solid clientele right from the start.

2. Decide Which Level of Certification You Want

Now you’ve narrowed down a small list of accredited institutes that have caught your eye. Next, you’ll need to decide which program level you’d like to start with. There are three ICF credential levels to choose from, each with different requirements for training and the number of coaching hours needed to become certified:

  • Associate Credentialed Coach (ACC credential) – 60 hours of training, 100 hours of coaching experience
  • Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC credential) – 100 hours of training, 500 hours of coaching experience
  • Master Credentialed Coach (MCC credential) – 200 hours of training, 2500 hours of coaching experience

At CoachWhizz, we currently offer Level 1 Training (ACSTH)for your ACC credential and Level 2 training ACTP PCC. While the two programs vary in length and requirements, the goal of each program is to have you coaching at the level of a PCC coach. Take a look at the different levels and see which you’ll need starting out.

3. Choose a Program That Aligns With Your Values

Every coaching program is based on the creator’s specific experiences, beliefs, and world views. Not everyone’s values will be the same, so it’s crucial to find the right program that aligns with yours and what you want to achieve.

At CoachWhizz, our approach is centered around developing a learner’s mindset, nurturing each person’s unique gifts, and seeing every new experience as an opportunity for growth.

4. Find a Program With the Right Coaching Methodology

Your coaching methodology will be at the core of everything that you do. These principles make up the coaching model or technique that you’ll use to help your clients get results over and over again. That’s why it’s crucial to find a program with a carefully crafted and proven coaching methodology that resonates with your goals.

Your coaching methodology is what you’ll use to determine how you’ll design your program, structure sessions with clients, and give them the tools to inspire change. You may eventually create your own coaching methodology, but at first, you’ll likely adopt a proven method learned through certification. After all, creating lasting transformation in the lives of others is the main goal of every coach, isn’t it?

5. Choose a Program With Expert-Level Accredited Facilitators

No matter which industry you’re in, it’s probably safe to say that you want to learn from the best. Your program facilitator is the one will be the one guiding you through every step of your coaching program.

That’s why you’ll want to choose a program with leaders who walk the walk and who have already achieved what you want to do. A program with expert-level instructors will be able to support you best because they’ve been exactly where you are and they can guide you toward achieving your goals and dreams.

Choosing to become an ICF associate certified coach with CoachWhizz is the best way to do that. With over 35 of the world’s top accredited facilitators, our students know they’re in good hands. New coaches who enroll in our program are matched with the industry-focused facilitator that is right for their needs.

6. Consider the Pricing Structure

Although pricing isn’t the most important, it’s still a factor to consider when choosing the right program. Since every certification is different, you’ll need to ensure that you’re able to cover the investment of the program.

Keep in mind that some programs require an upfront investment, while others give you the option to make monthly payments. Choose what works best for you, and don’t be afraid to save up for the right program. It’s an investment into your future, after all. If it’s not something you’re able to afford right now, ask yourself how you can make it happen. Then create a concrete plan to put it into action.

7. Find A Program That Includes Mentoring or 1:1 Coaching

At CoachWhizz, we believe learning is experiential. No matter what it is you’re studying, you can only learn so much from a manual and videos. Putting your knowledge to the test through practice and hands-on experience is essential.

Finding a program where you get to ask your facilitator questions, experience live coaching and receive mentoring is priceless. This is what will help you hone your coaching skills and set you apart from the other coaches that are out there.

Are You Ready to Skyrocket Your Coaching Career?

Becoming a successful coach takes an investment of time, money, and energy, so be sure to choose the right program for you from the start. By following all of the above steps, you can do exactly that.

Are you ready to get started on the fast track to becoming an ICF associate certified coach? Then get in touch with us at CoachWhizz to learn more about our 3D Coaching Academy today!

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