How Can an Associate Certified Coach Credential Lead You to Success?

How Does Coach Training Empower Leaders?

  • Graduation from an accredited training program prepares the participants to apply for an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This credential indicates that the graduate has successfully completed a thorough professional coach training program, is proficient in the required competencies and has the hours of coaching experience necessary to apply to become an ACC.
  • The focus of the coach training is on the practice of asking questions, preparing those in leadership roles to shift from expert-driven to relationship emphasis. In other words, from leading for to leading with. This forms generative dialogues, building creative flow within organizations.
  • Global recognition of the credibility of Associate Certified Coach credential, results in individuals increasing their value and potential as leaders. The shared process of coaching in organizations creates a quality and authenticity in the leadership practices, that can lead to improved opportunities to advance in your career.
  • Being in a learning environment helps us grow as individuals and leaders. The process of learning new skills, especially as leaders who are engaged in enhancing and diversifying their education, offers new approaches to everyday challenges in the workplace.

Coaching certification programs vary in their quality and direction. Keeping your learning style in mind is important as you consider investment in the education you choose. It is vital to understand the research and key education points for this industry. By choosing an ICF accredited coach training, you can be confident that you are getting high-quality training.


What are The Key Considerations For an Ideal Leadership Coaching Program?

  • Content that is well researched, developed and presented, highlighting current information and trends in leadership coaching.
  • Virtual classroom format that emphasizes interaction between students and facilitators, allowing for focused, individual attention and feedback.
  • Foundation of training that is deeply based on the ICF Core Competencies, providing the learners with a thorough understanding of coaching as it relates to their interest and direction.
  • Practical experience in coaching with clear observation and mentoring from facilitators who have knowledge and understanding of the principles of leadership.
  • Flexibility for learners to review recorded classes and have the training available at times that work for busy professionals.


Why is Accreditation Necessary?

A coach certification program that is accredited by ICF has gone through a rigorous review process and demonstrated that its curriculum aligns with the ICF definition of coaching, Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. ICF-accredited coach training will also help you meet the requirements for ICF Membership and Credentialing.
3D Coaching Academy’s Full ACTP Program and Level 1 ACSTH Program have received accreditation from the International Coaching Federation after this comprehensive review of the curriculum and materials presented.

Facilitators of the program are required to have an ICF credential and are themselves experienced coaches with many years of dedication to their profession. Classes are deliberately limited to a small number of participants to be assured of the necessary attention to each person. Intentional design for online delivery creates a global classroom, where students have the opportunity to develop an international network.
You can get the best coaching certification program from 3D Coaching Academy and create your own art of leadership for your future. Please contact us for more details on all of our coaching programs.

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