Professional Coach Certification and Training Courses: Advancing the Education for Leaders

As a highly recognized coach training institution, 3D Academy is providing students with complete training and mentoring to become both great leaders and excellent coaches. Our accredited programs are creating innovative results in the educational field. For anyone who wants to realize their goals and is passionate about their career, we can assist with a precise plan for results. We, as a team, share a focus for teaching professional coaching skills for leaders, as part of our core programs.

An exemplary leader engages in practices of leadership that model their core values of innovation and creativity. They are seen to share an inspiring vision and enable others to take actions that build a sense of contribution and community within their organizations. These qualities make an extraordinary difference and need to be nurtured and supported for a person to grow as a leader. A leader who integrates coaching as part of their approach moves beyond the standard.

Those who wish to become highly influential leaders understand that they need to continue to develop professionally and personally. An intentional training course, such as Professional Coach Certification, can offer a structured environment for a leader who sets an example of taking actions to support their values.

Let’s look at the advantages of learning coaching skills for leaders and coaching for business.


Advantages of Training In Leadership Coaching


Personal Awareness

Daniel Goleman, the author of Primal Leadership, describes Emotional self-awareness as “Reading one’s emotions and recognizing their impact; using “gut sense” to guide decisions”. This competency is emphasized in professional coach training. Students work to be self-reflective during the training program to better be available for their clients. Leaders can apply this learned ability in leading more effectively.


Improvement of Specific Skills

The Core Competencies of the International Coaching Federation align with the skills needed to be an inspiring leader. These competencies are not innate talents but can be learned in a focused training program. 3D Coaching Academy structures the curriculum of the Professional Coach Certification programs to assist learners in communicating effectively and co-creating relationships that are cooperative and collaborative.


Gain Perspective

Self-aware leaders have a deep understanding of emotional and mental well-being. They develop the ability to hold perspectives outside of themselves. The coaching skill for leaders that assists with this come from cultivating an environment of trust and safety. This assists them in managing relationships in their organizations that emphasize respect, empathy, and support.


Frequent Encouragement

Becoming a leader that incorporates coaching skills is one step towards sustaining leadership change. For an entire organization to move towards greater alignment requires that leadership growth goes beyond the individual. Understanding and evoking awareness with team members allow a leader to continue to increase their connections with colleagues and employees. Leaders trained as coaches can share their observations and insights without attachment and create space for others to learn and grow.


Increased Self-Confidence

Professional Coach Certification training has the profound effect of strengthening students’ sense of their own abilities as leaders in their lives. We hear from students that they leave the training courses with increased certainty about what they are capable of and how to put it to work in the world. Through specific feedback from the facilitators, the students are encouraged to take risks and challenge themselves and their clients. Leaders report significant improvement in their communications and capacity to lead. They gain a strong sense of their own self-worth and capabilities.


Benefits of Training Online

As we have learned over the past year, we can accomplish training and working from home. Virtual education has become common but the best training is designed completely for interactive and powerful learning content and curriculum. In intentionally small classes, our facilitators provide individual attention and feedback for each student. As an online program, we have a global reach and each cohort includes people from around the world, increasing awareness and networks for all of our participants.

Course content is built to emphasize practical experience. Each student is present via video conferencing and interacts with the other students and facilitators. This builds confidence in coaching and leadership. The lively discussions and dialogue in each class create a sense of community and connection between participants.


Why Should You Choose Us?

We are a recognized, accredited training organization, having gone through the thorough and rigorous review process by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This gives our program unquestioned credibility and lets our students know they are receiving complete and comprehensive training designed to the highest standards required globally.

Our facilitators are experienced, knowledgeable, professional coaches. They bring a depth of knowledge and understanding about being coaches and leaders. They have taught many students who have become successful coaches in their fields. They offer a flexible and welcoming environment for all participants.

The Professional Coach Certification training courses are continuously evolving and improving. We respond to feedback from participants and incorporate the most current research and practices in our content. Our training programs include the development of coaching skills for leaders and coaching for business.

We are responsive and available for our students. One-on-one mentoring is included in the Full Program of the Professional Coach Certification, delivering detailed feedback and encouragement. Graduates of the training programs have gained the knowledge and practice in coaching, preparing them to build their own business and lean into coaching as leaders in their organizations.

Leaders are currently facing challenges unlike any in our lifetime. The coaching approach engages more of the whole human system we are observing and indicates an important shift in leadership focus. 3D Coaching Academy is committed to supporting and assisting leaders to express their passions and realize change.

Feel free to connect with us. Our Full Program is an Accredited Coaching Training Program (ACTP) and our Level 1 Program is an Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours program (ACSTH), both registered with the ICF. We hold the absolute belief that each person is whole and complete. We encourage and support self-awareness, transformation, and action. We cherish the connection and contribution of our students. We are honored by the privilege to partner with our students and clients. We look forward to speaking with you.

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